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Greystoke Primary School

Greystoke Primary School has a Admissions Number of 60 places (capped) for intake in Reception year and year One for 2019/20. For year groups Two through to Six, the Admission Number is 50 (capped).

In line with Leicestershire County Council’s variation to its admission arrangements, our admission number is capped to the school’s Publish Admission Number (PAN).

All children are welcome at Greystoke Primary School, and the Head Teacher Mrs Richardson is always happy to show parents around our school and answer any questions regarding the education of your child you may have.

Once you have applied (please see the information below) and your application accepted, you will be then invited to attend open evenings and taster sessions in the Summer Term before your child starts full time education in our Reception Year in the following Autumn Term.

Please contact the school using the ‘Contact Us‘ link or telephone using the number below.

0116 2862286

Some Further Helpful Information:-

First Time Admissions

In Leicestershire, primary and infant schools offer a school place for a child of four years of age from the autumn term following their fourth birthday. However, statutory school age is from the first term after your child’s fifth birthday.

This means that:

  • A child turning 5 in the Autumn term must start school no later than from the start of the Spring term.
  • A child turning 5 in the Spring term must start school no later than from the start of the Summer term.
  • A child turning 5 in the Summer term must start school no later than the following Autumn term.

Making a First Time Admission Application

An application for a First Time Admission place in a primary school must be made to the Local Authority where you live, e.g. if you live within Leicestershire, you must complete their application form for primary school places. To apply online or download the application form, please visit the Leicestershire County Council website via the link below:

Applying for a school place click here

Applications must be made by 15th January 2019 for a school place when your child is due to start school for the first time in 2019 or moving from infant to junior school in 2019.

If you fail to name your catchment area school as one of your preferences a place will not automatically be offered at that school if all your other preferences are unsuccessful. This is because by then your catchment school may have been filled.

You can get advice from the School Admissions Service via telephone on 0116 305 6684, email at admissions@leics.gov.uk or via the admissions section of the Leicestershire County Council website.

You can also contact the school direct and speak to someone there who could give you further information about First Time Admissions.

Applying online is by far the easiest way to make an application and has many benefits. It is safe and secure and you get an email confirming your submittal. You can submit your online application here. This communication is also used to inform you of your actual school place which is sent on 16th April 2019. Applications made by post have confirmation sent back in the post on the 16th April 2019 and can take up to 5 working days to receive.

It is important to complete the application form (either online or in paper form) with as much information as you can. Places are allocated using “Priority Criteria”. If there are too many requests, and schools Admission Numbers (AN) are exceeded priority will be given to children in the appropriate age-range, whose parents applied on time, in the following order:

Order Criteria
1st Children who are in public care and those children who were previously looked after children. (See note ii).
2nd Pupils who live in the catchment area. (See note iii).
3rd Pupils who will have an older brother or sister attending the same school at the same time. (See notes iv and v).
4th Pupils who have a serious medical condition or exceptional social or domestic needs that make it essential they attend the school requested. (Professional documentation confirming the situation must be submitted with the application). (See note vi).
5th Pupils who will have attended a feeder school for at least two years before the time of transfer. (See note vii).
6th Pupils starting at an infant school with a sibling attending at the same time in the linked junior school. (See note iv).
Pupils transferring to high school who will have an older brother or sister attending the linked Upper school at the same time. (See note iv).
7th Pupils basing their application on religious belief. (See note viii).
8th Pupils living nearest to the school measured in a straight line distance (home to school front gate). (See note ix).



i. Combinations of the above criteria are used where appropriate, in priority order.

ii. Children in care of a Local Authority and those children who were previously looked after children, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order) are considered under this criterion. In such circumstances a letter from the last Local Authority in which the child was in the care of will be required.

iii. The child’s place of residence is taken to be the parental home. Living in the catchment area does not guarantee you a place at your catchment school.

iv. The term “brother or sister” includes half brother or sister or legally adopted child being regarded as the brother or sister.

v. Regarding brothers or sisters who will be of sixth form age, these are counted as brother/ sister connections for criteria 3 or 6 above.

vi. If criterion 4 is used, professional supporting documentation from the Lead Professional must be supplied and must be submitted with the application. The following list are the areas that are considered exceptional:

  • Crown Servants
  • Children in the care of an LA
  • Children subject to Child Protection Plans
  • Hard to Place children – who fall under the Fair Access Protocol
  • Parents suffering domestic violence. (This is dependent on documentary evidence by a Lead Professional)
  • A child for whom transfer to the catchment area school would involve attending a different school until he/she is the right age for transfer. (This is dependent on the child having attended the present school for at least a year)

Each case will be assessed on its individual merits.

vii. For criterion 5 above, the child must have been enrolled at the feeder school on or before the start date of the autumn term two years before transfer.

viii. For criterion 7 above, a letter of support from your Minister or Religious Leader will be required explaining how the school caters for your faith.We always like to hear from parents who wish for their FTA child to attend our school. Although we cannot guarantee you a place at our school (this is done by the Local Authority) we can support you every step of the way and involve you as much as possible in the transition period.

Further Information

For more information, please download our Admissions Policy, via the link below:

Admissions Policy Greystoke Primary School Sept 2019/20

Final Admissions Policy Greystoke Primary School Sept 2020/21

To see a map of the catchment area for our school click here 

To contact the school please phone 0116 2862286 or email us on office@dsatgreystoke.org