Greystoke Primary School

Working together to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment so that all our children reach their full potential.

School Council


Our aims as a school council are:

  • To have our say about how our school is run
  • Represent all of the views of all of the children in the school
  • Come up with ideas to help improve the school
  • Be ambassadors for our school
  • Work together to achieve excellence


Healthy Snack Investigation

We have been concerned with the snacks we see on the playground at break time. We decided to see what snacks are eaten, at break time, by the children on the Key Stage 2 playground. Here is what we found...

On Average...

8 Children per class in Yr 3/4 did not have a snack at break.

14 Children per class in Yr 5/6 did not have a snack at break.

40% of snacks in Key Stage 2 were fruit or a cereal bar.

Other snacks included chocolate, biscuits, crackers and rice cakes.

We are now looking at ways to provide healthy snacks to pupils in Key stage 2. We will be working with the PTA to support this.


Watch this space!!