Greystoke Primary School

Working together to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment so that all our children reach their full potential.

School Times


All the children are welcomed into the school site at 8:40 am in order for school to start at 8:45am. Teachers cannot be responsible for your child before 8:45am.

Morning break is from 10:15am to 10:30 am. At morning break two members of staff are on duty in each playground to supervise the children. During this break, the children are encouraged to bring a piece of fruit or vegetables to eat as part of our healthy eating campaign. Children in Reception, Year 1/2 receive free fruit and vegetables as part of a Government scheme. Children, who are under five and those on free school meals, receive free milk. Children in the rest of the school can also purchase milk.

Morning school finishes at 12:00pm for Reception and Y1/2, 12.15pm for Key stage 2 and lunchtime is until 1:10pm. The children can choose to have a hot dinner or bring a packed lunch from home. School dinners come in a choice of three options every day for main courses and puddings. There are lunchtime supervisors on duty during the whole of the lunchtime who oversee the children in the hall and on the playground.

Schools Times:

8.45am School Starts
8.55 - 9.15am Assembly
9.15 - 10.15am Lesson 1
10.15 - 10.30am Break
10.30 - 11.30am Lesson 2
11.30 - 12.00 (KS1)
11.30 - 12.15 (KS2)
Lesson 3
12.00 - 1.10 (KS1)
12.15 - 1.10 (KS2)
1.10 - 1.30pm Lesson 4
1.30 - 2.20pm Lesson 5
2.20 - 3.15pm Lesson 6