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Welcome to Greystoke’s Advisory Board

At Discovery School Academy Trust the Board of Trustees (sometimes known as the board of directors or governing body) is ultimately responsible for governance of the schools in the trust and is accountable for their performance. To support effective governance and oversight, the Board has delegated governance function to be carried out through committees, locally through each school Advisory Board and through the central executive team.


The Advisory Board has a range of responsibilities:

1. Supporting good governance of the school.

2. Safeguarding and promoting the values of the school.

3. Supporting the Headteacher of the school and being a critical friend.

4. Monitoring the achievement, quality of teaching and behaviour and safety.

5. Supporting effective financial governance.

6. Engagement with the school’s key stakeholders e.g. parents/carers, pupils and staff.

The Advisory Board consists of parents, staff and community representatives; the Headteacher is a member of the Advisory Board by virtue of their office. Community Members are appointed by the Advisory Board and are people, who in the opinion of the Advisory Board, have the skills required to contribute to the work of the board; Parent and staff members are elected to the board by the parent and staff body respectively.

Advisory Board members 2019-2020

Name Position Held

Aneeta Hulait


Parent member and Chair

Term of Office 17.5.17-16-5-21

Attendance at AB Meetings 2019-20: 2/2

Interests declared 9.10.19: employment as team manager at Leicester City Council Fostering Service since 9/14, and membership of HCPC.

Samantha Brown


Parent member

Term of Office 9.5.19 - 8.5.22

Attendance at AB Meetings 2019-20: 2/2

Interests declared on 9.10.19: Account Manager at NHS Health Education England since July 2018.

Karin Roberts




Staff member

Term of Office 31.10.17-30.10.20

Attendance at AB Meetings 2019-20: 2/2

No relevant interests declared 9.10.19

Paul Meredith

Community member

Term of Office 5.9.19-4.9.22
Attendance at AB Meetings 2019-20: 2/2
Attendance at AB Meetings 2018-19: n/a
No relevant interests declared 3.10.19

Jane Rawlings

Community member

Term of Office 24.10.19-23.10.22

Attendance at AB Meetings 2019-20: 1/1

Interests declared 2.11.19: self-employed owner of Playing with Fabric, craft and sewing business since September 2019.

Ronnie Richardson

Head Teacher

Anna Mousley

Clerk to Advisory Board


Scheme of Delegated Authority

 Scheme of Delegation 2019-2020

Goverance Strategy

 Governance Strategy V3 September 2019

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Get in Touch

If you have a passion for improving outcomes for children and would like to use your skills and expertise to contribute to the governance of our schools please get in touch by contacting Helen Stockill at